We believe in a different approach to selling properties. We sell stories.
We are driven by the exciting history the enthralling properties have hidden. We sell the dream of a new
home. We are brokers, but first and foremost passionate and credible people with a deep interest in properties.
This lives on when our working day comes to an end.

Our approach to property sales, is always built upon respect and therefore we never
compromise when your home is to change hands.

At Schnack’s the value of your property is not only defined by numbers,
for us property sales is much more then price. We consider properties as homes, and our creative team are always
attentive noticing the unique angles and gorgeous shades, that makes your home its very own.

We always give your home the attention it deserves, via the channels that serve it best.

The property presentation is prepared in cooperation with your broker, the office and our engaged team consisting
of photographer Lars Gundersen, stylist Nadia Olive Schnack and videographer Anne-Sofie Rubani.

Do not hesitate to contact us, be it a sales valuation or an uncommitted talk
Mail: kontakt@adamschnack.dk
Phone: +45 2220 4223.