Who are Schnack

We were founded in 2016 by Adam Schnack, who approached the market with an ambition of revolutionizing the real-estate business. In just 3 years, we have proven that we can sell properties without using printed advertising, and a shop with rotating sales bulletins.

We can do this because we not only just sell properties, we sell a story. We are driven by the exiting history, the enthralling properties have hidden. We specialize in selling the dream of a new home. We are agents, but first and foremost, passionate and credible people with a deep interest in properties. This lives on when our working day comes to an end.

Our approach to property sales is always built upon respect, and therefore we never compromise when your home is to change hands.

At Schnhack’s the value of your property is not only defined by numbers, for us, but property sales are also much more than price. We consider properties like homes, and our creative team is always attentive, noticing the unique angles and gorgeous shades, that make your home it’s very own.



How we sell your home

We always give your home the attention it deserves, via the channels that serve it best. At Schnack’s, you will not experience smart sales tricks when your home is to be sold. We begin at the specific property, organizing a structured, targeted communications effort. This presents your home and addresses the suitable audience in the best possible way.

The pictures are always taken by our award-winning house photographer Lars Gundersen, and your home styled by one of Denmark’s leading interior and color designers Nadia Olive Schnack.

Plan drawings are developed by our talented architect.

With our team of professional partners, we make sure your home receives the treatment it deserves. It will be presented most finely and aesthetically. Read about Lars Gunderson’s work at www.Lars-g.com and Nadia’s work at www.nadiaoliveschnack.dk.

Our medial face is wide, it covers everything from digital platforms and social media to customer events and campaigns. After many years of experience in the business, we have established a comprehensive network, so you safely can leave your home in our hands.



Therefore you must choose us

We mean that a good relationship is built upon openness and trust, and not upon meaningless talk. Therefore, you will always experience honest advice from our agents – whether you wish to buy or sell. The pleasant and trusting contact with our customers makes us successful in our work.

At Schnack’s, we always pose with the best team, when your home is to be sold. You will find that we are passionate about learning the history of your home. We have a true passion for architecture, aesthetics, and history, and all homes are appraised as to their own.
We do not look at neighboring properties price tags but concentrate on the specific characteristics of your home. We immerse ourselves in your home so others can fall in love with it

Do not hesitate to contact us, be it a specific sales assessment or a non-committal talk to adam@adamschnack.dk or phone: 22 20 42 23.



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